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The Saffron: the gold of the Val d'Orcia

The Saffron: the gold of the Val d'Orcia - Wine and Tours by Enocuriosi


An experience of taste in the land Heritage Site, a full meal for enjoy this delicious product in a local restaurant, tasting the excellent wine Doc Orcia.

The Saffron is a precious spice used in cooking, but also for therapeutic purposes as rich in antioxidants. The Saffron that we propose is a completely natural product, whose history is lost in the mists of time. The production is located in the heart of the "Artistic, Natural and Cultural Park of Val d'Orcia", in the municipalities of San Quirico d'Orcia and Montalcino, and aims to bring to the table the intact and superfine taste of this wonderful land.

We selected a San Quirico restaurant, right in the heart of this region, from the warm and traditional design. We studied a full menu to sample and enjoy this precious ingredient, from appetizer to dessert. We are available for special requests and for organizing themed tour.

The activity includes a full meal, lunch or dinner with matching wine Orcia DOC.

  • Pienza Pecorino Cheese with Saffron Honey 
  • Rice with Saffron and liquorice
  • Pork escalope with Saffron infusion
  • Panna cotta with Saffron and blackberry jam

€ 49 per person for full menu

€ 59 per person for full menu with drinks in combination

menus and special prices for groups
ON REQUEST activity


Most of the work involved the production is carried out throughout the year manually, as passed down through generations. Each stage of the process that leads from earth to packaging follows a natural path, to which are added techniques and careful checks in the packaging and marketing of the product. Harvesting takes place between October and November, only in the early hours of the morning when the flower is still closed, to prevent the direct sunlight can alter the organoleptic characteristics of the stigmas. The drying takes place at a temperature not exceeding 40°-45°C. The storage and display of the product takes place in premises where the humidity and brightness are low and controlled.

After the third flowering, the bulbs are removed and planted in new ground. Unearth and planting in a new terrain prevents the development of diseases, soil impoverishment and the decrease in the yield. The bulbs also go back every year multiplying, to avoid they get too close to the soil surface and which might be damaged by frost during the most severe winters the new planting operations are fundamental. The amount of bulbs required for a surface of 100 square meters is approximately 80-100 Kg. To obtain a finished product kilo takes the stigmas of flowers 120-150000. Fifteen of saffron flowers produce an average of 0.10 grams of finished product, ie 150 flowers for such a special gram of this spice.

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