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ROCCA BRUNA: the sky of Siena with a finger...

ROCCA BRUNA: the sky of Siena with a finger... - Wine and Tours by Enocuriosi


We present a unique location overlooking Siena with Piazza del Campo. A private apartment where the owner Luciana with Michela and Domenico nephews invite you to spend moments of authentic taste...


The charm of this location is already visible from the stones of this ancient tower, from the historical center of Siena, right in the hub of the most important streets, overlooking Siena with Piazza del Campo. 117 steps leading to the tallest apartment, tastefully furnished in noble style; the lounge with soft and elegant tones overlooks the square with stunning views... perfect for hosting evenings and even private occasions. Still a few steps up to the roof of the Tower: an "open-air lounge" with tables, chairs and sofas with a 360 ° view on the roofs of the city with the most interesting places to go in the countryside surrounding the inimitable landscape. Then a few steps of an easy path for an exclusive view on Piazza del Campo... you stay open to immortalize a perfect and unforgettable shot of a unique experience!

The Cecchi Smorto Family will welcome us in the familiar surroundings with typically Tuscan hospitality. Spend the life stories that have been around for centuries into Piazza del Campo, the city's neuralgic point and crossroads of illustrious historical situations, as well as the indistinguishable stage of the Palio di Siena that engages everyone's life. Mrs. Luciana has been a French professor, a smiling woman and a lively look that tells a story of a 1970s-old Europe, but also her own family and entire population of Siena city. Conversation turns to soul when it comes to cooking! Luciana and her grandchildren, Michela and Domenico, will welcome our guests for gourmet and hospitality nights, with rich Tuscan flavors, with original recipes and culinary delicacies.

Our presence and advice with Enoteca Emporio Mediterraneo with professional sommeliers will guide you in this journey of taste, with food and wine matches, but also in creating the right evening according to the event you want to spend or celebrate.... from the possibility to choose the colors of tablecloths and tableware, floral decorations and musical accompaniment. It is also possible to book a translation service and direct assistance at an additional cost.
These are just a few examples of culinary arts and hospitality at ROCCA BRUNA, the new Temporary Restaurant in Siena!

Dinner under the Stars

- The typical warmth of a Tuscany family
- The best Italian home cooking  DISCOVER CHEF LUCIANA and her history!
- Piazza del Campo as a frame......


Mixed Tuscan croutons, homemade noodles with meat ragout, pork stew cooked with orange with potatoes, fruit-flavored ice cream
89 € per person

Seasonal cheese, homemade "ravioli" with meat ragout, local roast meat and potatoes, tart and jam homemade 
119 € per person

Soufflé with cheese, risotto with seasonal truffles, liver cooked with Tuscan recipe, loin and sausages with grilled vegetables, tiramisù
139 € per person

The menus include drinks: water, house wine and coffee. For pairing wines, interpreting service, set-up and more will be added a surcharge. Minimum 6, maximum 12 people, we are available to personalize the proposals.


 With Terrace on Piazza del Campo and roofs of Siena

- A privileged location with breathtaking views over Piazza del Campo and the roofs of Siena
- Sommelerie service with guided tasting of 5 wines
- Best local and national labels with a selection of typical products at km 0

Starting from 50 € per person

Minimum 6, maximum 12 people


The Window, by Domenico Cecchi Smorto

My life has been influenced by a window; to be born in that room and to have in the background for all the childhood the clock of the Tower conditioned my existence. Like Linus's blanket, that window reassured me in the sad moments and gave me the exact feeling of the privilege that fate had given me.

And as a child I have also felt invested in the responsibility I had towards the common Senes mortals; I had to make them part of this vision, a little at a time, enjoying their ecstatic sighs. First the closest friends, then the Civette's Contrada for a trial or a treat of Palio Race.

 Now I feel that it is time to open our home to the lovers of the beautiful, at a time when in the contrary our world closes into a hedgehog.
From that window and from the Rocca Bruna tower, I will tell the essence of the Palio and the sense of a magical square.