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Orcia Wine Festival 2016

Orcia Wine Festival 2016 - Wine and Tours by Enocuriosi


From April 22 to 25 in the frescoed halls of Palazzo Chigi the winelovers called to choose what excites them most between two opposite ways to review a wine tasting with the direct narrative of winemakers and tasting techniques.






The real-life stories from winemakers accompanied by photos of their work in the vineyard and in the cellar, on the other organoleptic tasting and production traits of the wine. The wine lovers will be directly called to choose what excites them most between these two opposing ways to review a wine. "Tell me about your wine tasting with storytelling" is the novelty of the VII scheduled edition of Orcia Wine Festival in San Quirico d'Orcia (SI) 22 to 25 April in the frescoed halls of Palazzo Chigi along the old stretch of Via Francigena .
The event, organized by the City of San Quirico d'Orcia Orcia Wine Consortium in collaboration with Onav Siena will see manufacturers protagonists with their stories in three stages: in the Palazzo Chigi rooms where, for three days will be behind the tables full of bottles, ready to give tastings, explanations and even to sell their wines. At dinner, in Bagno Vignoni restaurants (Friday 22 and Sunday, April 24) where will offer special tasting menu accompanied by wines and their narratives. But above all in the challenge between the tasting with storytelling and technique tasting (Sunday, April 24 at 16 pm and Monday, April 25 at 11:30). "And 'one of the excellence productions of our territory - said the Mayor Valeria Agnelli - The best wine in the world which, together with the most beautiful scenery in the world offer Total unique and unforgettable experience to live in the heart of Val d'Orcia" .

"The wine Orcia, - explains Donatella Cinelli Colombini, president of the Orcia Wine Consortium - which was born in forty small wineries where almost everything is still done by hand, often by the producer himself, is the most suitable to play between the novelty and the tradition of storytelling, a means of communication very current yet very old. "

To embellish the program Onav Siena, National Organization of wine tasters, wine enthusiasts will lead to the discovery of the Orcia producers within "Wine Pills" in which teaching the first steps of tasting technique will be able to deepen their knowledge of the Orcia labels doc at the festival (Sunday, April 24 11:30 am and Monday 25 hours 16). To enrich the program of guided tastings Orcia Wine Festival, the Wine Class (Saturday, April 23 at 16) Orcia, about two hours courses dedicated to the discovery of the Val d'Orcia and its wine, specifically designed for tourists and kept from delegated provincial Alessandra Ruggi with the collaboration of the Orcia wine Consortium.

Orcia wine tour - And for those who love walking the Orcia Wine Festival, in this 2016, triple its offering. Besides traditional visits to wineries overlooking arrive Orcia wine walking and biking Orcia wine, with the possibility to visit the territory and the cellars of producers through trekking or outputs with e-bike.