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Orcia Wine Festival 2014

Orcia Wine Festival 2014 - Wine and Tours by Enocuriosi


From Friday 25th to Sunday 27th of April in San Quirico - Orcia Valley

The Orcia Wine Festival is a festival created to promote the excellence of wine production in the Val d' Orcia (Orcia Valley). It is a marketplace for wines of the Val d'Orcia conceived and organized by Comune of San Quirico d'Orcia in the beautiful eighteenth century rooms of Palazzo Chigi. Inside the exhibition space they offer technical tasting tours, tasting table wine and food, plus the ability for wine tourists to visit the wineries directly.

The Orcia Wine Festival is an event that enhances the product excellence linking to the territory of origin, a practical way to provide the opportunity for businesses to promote their wines, contacting the experts, professionals and enthusiasts .

Just in San Quirico d' Orcia in 96 companies required the IGT to enhance local production; and in 2000 cames to them with the name of the DOC Orcia. Ten years later was born Orcia Wine Festival that relies on the collaboration of Onav ( National Organization of Wine Tasters ), the Province of Siena, the Region of Tuscany and the patronage of the Ministry of Economic Development, to allow producers of Orcia Valley to have an ideal stage for the promotion to consumers.

Enthusiasts and tourists can taste and buy wines directly from producers Orcia well as appreciate the features and quality .