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Florence and Carmignano

Florence and Carmignano - Wine and Tours by Enocuriosi

Discovering Florence, one of those cities that everyone should visit at least once in his life, and of its territory and harmonious countryside, towns and villages with ancient stories.






We offer pleasant tours between streets, squares, churches, museums, the historic center of Florence, testimonies, historical memories, legends and atmospheres that have enchanted visitors for centuries. Do not miss a visit to the hill of Fiesole to capture the most evocative images.

Fiesole is a town located on the hill immediately behind Florence. It is only 2 kilometers from the city and, thanks to its raised position and the short distance, can boast an incomparable panorama of the city and the surrounding countryside.

After the city tour we will go further in a continuous succession of green and fertile hills, in the areas of our territory more attractive and popular. The tour continues in Carmignano where they produced wine since Etruscan times, as evidenced by the discovery of wine jars in some Etruscan tombs in Albano Mountain.

The Carmignano can be considered the progenitor of so-called Super Tuscan wines (great Tuscan wines obtained by adding to the international varieties such as Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot); in fact, already since 1600 for its production is used to add Sangiovese Sauvignon vine imported from France by the Medici family (and even today in the grape called Francesca , that is from France).
In its aroma taste and smell the wine presents important stages of the first settlements that characterized the region.


Prices per hour (not per person) from Siena

1/2 pax 45 €
3 pax 50 € 
4 pax 55 € 
5/6 pax 60 € 
7/8 pax 65 € 

from Florence 30 € extra
from Livorno 65 € extra
from Pisa 65 € extra 
from Lucca 65 € extra
from Rome 135 € extra

Cost includes: visit and wine tasting in wineries present in our list, driver in english or spanish, pick up and drop off, gas, van with air conditioning, taxes and the meals for the driver.

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