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February at the Museum

February at the Museum - Wine and Tours by Enocuriosi


On the way to Siena "February at the Museum": a synergy between institutions to attract visitors and residents to live the beauty of the city.


In Siena, February is the month of museums, art and culture
Free admission on Tuesdays, guided tours and theatrical performances at the Civic Museum
Special opening of the 'secret rooms' and the Hall of Costumes of Public Palace
SIENA. In Siena, for a month, doors open to museums, art, culture and traditions. It is titled 'February at the Museum', the series of events, tours and activities for adults and children to discover the roots and the institutions that have shaped the history of the city: the Museum of the City Hall, the Santa Maria della Scala, the Duomo until the Accademia Musicale Chigiana, the Botanical Garden, the Academy of Fisiocritici and the Synagogue. From February 2 to 29, almost every day, you can choose between different cultural events: the Museum on Tuesdays free admission and guided visits, while Sundays will be staged theater performances by the actors of the company laLut; the Town Hall from Thursday to Sunday will unveil some spaces usually closed to the public, since the Hall of Costumes of the Palio to the 'secret rooms'. Every Saturday, however, the old hospital of Santa Maria della Scala will host #SienaFrancigenaKids, urban trekking for under 14 along the Via Francigena. The exhibition "February at the Museum" is organized by the city of Siena, with the support of Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena.

The Civic Museum free admission, guided tours and theater at the Museum
The Civic Museum, inside the Town Hall which is one of the most important examples of Gothic architecture in the world, there will be many opportunities to come into contact with the charm of the story. Every Tuesday, from 10 to 18 hours, the doors of the museum will be open free to visitors. For those who choose to explore the curiosities and anecdotes related to salt and their work, always on Tuesdays, will be open to visitors for a fee with the guidance of art historians. Every Sunday, for four weeks, will return the second edition of "Theatre in the Museum". The actors of the company laLut 'come out' from the works of art of the Civic to play as 'exceptional guides': from Duccio to Simone Martini, to Podesta and Guidoriccio. The four events will take place on Sunday - 7, 14, 21, 28 February at 15.

The Town Hall 'reveals' the Hall of Costumes of the Palio and the 'secret rooms'
Among the most important edition of 2016 'in February at the Museum' is the opportunity to visit, in exceptional cases, some of the most beautiful and usually closed to the public inside the Town Hall. Throughout the month of February, from Thursday to Saturday, the City of Siena will open the Hall of Costumes to present to the public the costumes of the historical procession, worn by the participants of the Municipality, during the historical walk that always precedes the Palio race ( 2 July and 16 August). The visit, on payment, will take place from Thursday to Saturday throughout the month of February at 21 with a meeting in the courtyard of the Podesta of the Town Hall in Piazza del Campo. The first three Sundays in February (7, 14 and 21), at 11, will be able to find out, as an exception, the 'secret rooms' on the ground floor of the Palace offers the opportunity to visit areas and works of art that are not accessible . This unique journey in Siena can be made, payable on booking.
Info and reservations Museum and Town Hall. For information on all events organized within the Museum and the City Hall as part of 'February at the Museum' you can call the number 0577 292420 or write to The price of the guided tours of the Museum on Tuesday is 5 euro, while a visit to the Hall of costumes (from Thursday to Saturday, 21 hours) is 12 euro and 6 euro for residents and college students. The price of the visit to the 'secret rooms' to Town Hall (7, 14 and 21 February, 11 am) is 12 €, for residents and children up to 11 years the cost is € 3. The theater performances at the Civic Museum (every Sunday at 15) have a duration of about 50 minutes. The full ticket price is 9 euro; 3 € for residents and university students and free for children up to 11 years. Every Sunday visitors can choose to buy a combined ticket of 15 euro to spend the whole day in Siena, with the first visit to the 'secret rooms' then with the participation in the Theatre Museum, the cost of the ticket reduced for residents and students It is 3 € and free for children up to 11 years.

At the Santa Maria della Scala stops #SienaFrancigenaKids
In February, after the success achieved in the months of December and January, he continues #SienaFrancigenaKids, urban trekking for children, along the Via Francigena. Every Saturday in February (6, 13, 20, 27) at 15, the youngest, along with adults, will step into the shoes of ancient pilgrims, from Piazza Duomo and visiting the Santa Maria della Scala, one of the oldest hospitals Europe and refuge for travelers in the Middle Ages. To welcome and accompany the 'pilgrims under 14' will be a guide of exception: the Mona Lisa, the mercy that will tell the story of medieval Siena, curiosities and anecdotes related to the Via Francigena and travelers to Rome from Canterbury. Siena was, indeed, a milestone for rest along the Via Francigena, thanks to the presence of Santa Maria della Scala, which provided care and assistance to the pilgrims. And 'from here that it will start the journey of' small pilgrims' discovery of the Hall of the Pilgrims and the characters who enlivened the hospital in the Middle Ages: from gittatelli (abandoned children) to the monks and nuns who tended wounds and spirit of travel, up the poor and the wayfarers. All participants will be given the "Backpack of #SienaFrancigenaKids" and the snack of the pilgrim. After stopping 'greedy' small return to walk the Via Francigena, always accompanied by the nurse, to get to Porta Romana in the south of the city. The route is also suitable for adults, which will delve into some of the steps of the ancient road in a light most playful and fun. The ticket price for children under 14 is 7.50 € and 10 € for accompanying persons. You can book, before 13.30 on Saturday, calling the numbers 347 6137678 and 348 0216972 or by sending an email to

The Opera del Duomo of events and details of the Cathedral of Siena
Meetings, guided tours and conferences dedicated to the Cathedral of Siena. These are the ingredients of the events organized by the Opera del Duomo 'in February at the Museum'. Every Tuesday in February (2, 9, 16, 23) at 11 am will be open free guided tour of the Museum of the Opera, with reservations required. Every Saturday in February (6, 13, 20, 27) of the Metropolitan Opera offers 'Awakenings art' starting from 10.30 in the crypt of the cathedral. During the initiative we will offer a welcome breakfast that will precede a lecture on the subject of various works of art of the cathedral. Sunday 14 and 28 February at 16, is back after the success of previous editions "The Saloncino - A tea Opera" which opens with a lecture on the history of the Cathedral and ends with a tasting of teas from around the world. The Saloncino takes place in the crypt of the Cathedral, starting at 16. The ticket price is 5 euro. For information and reservations on all events organized by the Opera del Duomo, you can call the number 0577 286300 or write to
Guided tours of the headquarters of the Accademia Musicale Chigiana
Also it adheres to the Music Academy Chigiana 'in February at the Museum'. Palazzo Chigi, seat of the Academy, will open its doors to visitors to discover the history of some of the most prestigious families of the nobility Senese. Every Tuesday in February (2, 9, 16, 23) at 11.30 you can admire one of the most important private collections of Italian, ordered by Galgano Saracini, who gathered in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century paintings, sculptures marble and terracotta carvings, porcelain and a collection of Italian ceramics from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century. The rooms of the palace conserves furnishings, wall paintings, fabrics and wallpaper, witnesses of the neoclassical taste of Galgano Saracini, of the late romantic eclecticism of his son Alexander and the Count Guido Chigi Saracini, the last descendant of two noble families and founder in 1932 of 'Accademia Musicale Chigiana. The guided tour is free on Tuesdays with reservation. For information, please call 0577 220927 or send an email to

At Botanical Garden treasure hunt Green
Among the lesser known and most picturesque sights in Siena is definitely the Botanical Garden. On the occasion of 'February at the Museum', every Saturday and Sunday, from 10 am to 16 pm, will be open green treasure hunt for young and old. Children and their families will discover exotic plants and, following a map that will lead them through the reconstruction of natural habitats: from
desert to the rain forest to the cold temperate forests. The treasure hunt can be conducted every Saturday and Sunday in February from 10 am to 16. The cost of a single ticket is 5
euro, while that for households is 10 euro. Children under 12 get in free. For information, please call 335 7371186.

The Synagogue of Siena 4 Sundays to discover the history and traditions of Jewish
Workshops, writing workshops, music and tours featured at the Synagogue of Siena, Vicolo delle Sheets. On the occasion of the exhibition "February at the Museum", every Sunday you can find the Jewish world and participate in many activities for young and old. It starts Sunday, February 7 at 11 am with the "Tu Bishvat - New Year of Trees": workshops for adults and children on the importance of nature. The initiative is dedicated to the whole family celebrating Tu Bishvat, which celebrates the beginning of the agricultural year and the seven sacred species mentioned in the Bible: wheat, barley, vines, fig, pomegranate, olive dates.
The appointment with the Jewish traditions returns Sunday, February 14, again at 11, for the writing workshop for the whole family "Names, letters and numbers from Table all'Alef". For the occasion, you can listen to ancient Hebrew narratives and to test themselves with the alphabet explained to children and adults. Space music Sunday, February 21 at 10:30 am with "Jewish Lives. Tribute to Edwin Elias Gordon". For the occasion, children up to 3 years old can take part in a Musicainfasce® lesson: project of music education based on EE Gordon Music Learning Theory, recognized by the Ministry of Education, University and Research. The activity, aimed at children accompanied by an adult, it will be conducted by Nora Josias, singer and teacher of 'AIGAM (Italian Association Gordon for learning music). He closes the series of meetings, Sunday, Feb. 28 at 11 am, "Objects in Focus: The Chair of Elijah. The birth in Jewish tradition": guided tour that starts from beautiful inlaid chair for the ceremony of circumcision, kept in the synagogue of Siena, for a journey around the theme of birth. During the meeting it will be possible to watch movies, songs and stories to discover the Jewish world.

Information and reservations for the events of the Synagogue of Siena. For information on all the events planned at the Synagogue of Siena you can call the number 0577 271345 or write an email to the email address For all initiatives reservations are required. The cost of the activities scheduled for Sunday, 7, 14 and 28 February is 5 euro per event, including entrance to the synagogue. The family ticket (2 adults and 2 children) is available at a cost of 10 euro for each of the three Sundays. The ticket price for the music lesson of February 28 for children accompanied by an adult is 15 Euros.

Discovering the Natural History Museum of the Academy of Fisiocritici
Doors open to the Academy of Fisiocritici of Siena. On the occasion of the exhibition "February at the Museum" and throughout 2016, the Natural History Museum will be open free of charge, Monday through Friday from 9 am to 14 pm, for a full program of guided tours, educational workshops and scientific demonstrations to discover the treasures of a unique place that has retained the rich exposure nineteenth century. The program of events offers guided tours of the zoological section dedicated to animals and the history of astronomy told through some scientific instruments of the past, from a modern computerized planetarium, located in the former tank in the basement of the Academy. The heavenly world will be the focus of the direction of astronomical and demonstration with the sundial in the darkroom, and the lesson-meeting to explore the observations of the night sky, allowing you to identify stars and planets. At the series of events it will also be possible to discover the history of the institution of Siena, thanks to a course of study dedicated to the Natural History Museum, the Library and the Historical Archive. For lovers of science and nature will be able to participate in the experimental laboratory with the machine empty and interactive journey to explore the theme of biodiversity of the Siena area, observing the testimony of the marine and terrestrial geologic Pliocene period, thanks to collections fossils preserved in the geological section of the museum. Special attention will be devoted to medical science with a visit which, inspired by the vision of the precious tables and anatomical specimens made by Paolo Mascagni, exhibited in the Museum of Natural History of the Academy, faces one of the most felt by the men of science in modern era: that of the disclosure of medical knowledge and scientific. The Museum of Natural History of the Academy of Fisiocritici is open daily, Monday through Friday, with free admission from 9 am to 14 pm For information about the program of visits you can call the number 0577 232940 or send an email to Fisiocritici @ To participate in guided tours and free demonstrations Reservations are required, which must be made at least 7 working days before the visit at

The visits to the Historical Archive
For the duration of the 'February at the Museum', every Tuesday you can visit for free in the morning the Historical Archive. Also on Tuesday, from 14.30 to 15.30, the structure can be visited for free. For information you can call 0577 247145.