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Etruria Resort & Natural Spa

Etruria Resort & Natural Spa -  Enocuriosi by Wine and Tours


Hotel 4*

Montepulciano (Siena)

Spa, Restaurant, Meeting






In Montepulciano, dream of wealth and nobility of taste
A charming hotel with a mysterious charm and the evocative atmosphere, Etruria Resort & Natural Spa is located in the heart of the land of Noble Wine of Montepulciano in Tuscany.
Step back in time to catch the flow of time is that it allows the hotel to Montepulciano: restored from a historic 800, the hotel, the spa in Tuscany, the villa maintains the central building and garden secret, that they are lost around trees.
In this dimension between the real and the surreal, guests can relax in a context of rich natural harmonies of different shades.
Adjacent to the historic structure, the wellness center "La Perla Spa", the pools, the gym, the restaurant "La Corte di Bacco" and the outbuildings immersed in the surrounding park.
The staff is ready to meet any need and make your stay unforgettable moments of relaxation and wellbeing. Also, do not miss a trip extremely refined among the various culinary delights of Tuscany.
You can live a dream in the ancient town of Montepulciano and enjoy a holiday dedicated to wellness and taste in Etruria Resort & Natural SPA, one of the most charming boutique hotels in Tuscany.
Accessible Tourism: we take care of the quality in the reception of guests with special needs.
We welcome small animals so as to have a special green area "ANIMAL FRIENDLY" (our private park). Pets are allowed (on request and surcharge) Dependence in rooms and in the rooms in Villa, but with restrictions on wellness areas.
A magnificent villa in Tuscany, including charming and relaxing
The resort in Tuscany among the most charming, able to create a magical atmosphere and unforgettable:
Etruria Resort & Natural Spa can be defined in these words since manages to offer a unique stay to guests who can immerse themselves in the most noble and rural, but also linked to the well-being and relaxation.
Montepulciano so houses one of the oldest villas in Tuscany where you meet art, history and culture. Architecture faithful to the style of '800, the structure is characterized by long corridors that connect the rooms and various interiors. A jump in the past, in particular those suggestions related to the ancient splendor century, in which however do not forget the present with that aesthetic refinement linked to modernity that only the resort in Tuscany Etruria Resort & Natural Spa is able to achieve.
They will be able to admire "The House of the Guardian", with its refined rooms, the outbuildings of the park
"La Pergola" and "The Barn" with a symphonic game of space, natural light, precious materials forged by skilled craftsmen.
The resort in Tuscany Etruria Resort & Natural Spa focuses not only on aesthetics but also on the quality of services, creating this close combination of physical harmony and mental satisfaction in this context as sensitive in the surrealism, every guest will in fact enjoy exclusive services such as the spa, the restaurant, the conference room and the bar.
Evocative spaces and personalized treatments to find the true essence of Wellness
The spa in Tuscany "La Perla" is art spa that offers customers modern therapies thanks to highly qualified personnel and the technologically advanced equipment.
This is the formula that allows the spa in Tuscany to become a showpiece as far as the industry relaxation and beauty.
Located within the hotel's charming Etruria Resort & Natural Spa, the spa occupies the space of the cellar of the villa where rested the barrel of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, ideal place to regenerate especially in summer.
The service is unique about the beauty farm in Tuscany is the personalization of the paths of the guests: after the reception by the specialized staff of "La Perla", for each one of them is studied a specific program where every session and activity is accompanied a precise diet specially designed on the needs of the guest.
Among the treatments to follow those related to the benefits of water and heat, but also of thalassotherapy that allow you to regain your energy and the true essence of well-being thanks to the properties of each element.
In addition, the spa in Tuscany "La Perla" has a great pool, with large hot tub and waterfall, which is essential for Kneipp and Emotion Spa with water beds. Great demand even Dream Spa treatments focus on color therapy, sauna with showers, the salt cave where you can breathe the iodine and the extraordinary "fountain of youth" where water flows which is a real elixir.
"La Perla" spa in Tuscany among the most famous, so accompanies the guest in a crescendo of unforgettable sensations.
The restaurant La Corte di Bacco
Etruria Resort & Natural Spa offers a taste of the delicacies in extreme tranquility of the area. The restaurant of Montepulciano, La Corte di Bacco, inside the hotel of charm, offers you a journey of antique tastes and aromas of the past.
The pursuit of excellence is the goal of our chefs, who specialize in traditional cuisine famous all over the world thanks to extra virgin and Rosso and Nobile di Montepulciano.
The Tuscan flavors are revisited by the expert hands of the Chef that blend the flavors in a perfect balance of organic and natural foods, fresh and selected without ever losing sight of the typical features of the territory.
Always available from the light version of the menu and the vegetarian menu.
Upon request, you can plan an individual nutrition that supports the paths of the welfare of SpA.
Along with the restaurant, always available to guests:
The Terrace and The Kiosk pool: open during the summer to join the tasting flavors of Montepulciano in the wonderful panorama and the mild climate.
The Cellar: with its sophisticated "Wine List", the resort offers the best selection of local wines and the world.
The Bar: give pleasant moments of relaxation with a selection of refined products (coffee, paper tea and herbal teas, wines by the glass, paper distillates).


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 Enocuriosi by Wine and Tours

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