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Brunello and Classical Music

Brunello and Classical Music - Wine and Tours by Enocuriosi


A visit to the company to Montalcino where Mozart's music around the vineyards, for a complete immersion in the virtuous cycle of the vine and wine, with tastings in a unique and exclusive music.





When you arrive you feel the company plunged across the board in Mozart's harmonies that are lost among the rows of vineyards and hills ahead of you.

Weather permitting, your visit will start with a walk on the hill that houses the vineyard of Mozart, directly in front of the hill of Montalcino. Here you will be greeted and informed by operators on the project Musica & Vigne. The visit will continue in the old cellars which include part of the renovated building, which dates back to the Middle Ages, where you will learn the various wine production cycles. The wine tasting will conclude the exaltation of your senses already stimulated by the beautiful view and from Mozart's harmonies. You can buy the products directly from the farm.


Arriving the company will pleasantly surrounded by Mozart harmonies spread by an incredible number of speakers surrounding vineyards. This is not a romantic appeal for effect, because of a serious scientific research concerning the beneficial effects of sound frequencies on the vineyard, supported by the Universities of Florence and Pisa. To understand the reason for this musical immersion, a little unusual for a company that produces wine and farm, come in person to be moved between the rows of the farm....