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Archery and tasting of Nobile wine

Archery and tasting of Nobile wine -  Enocuriosi by Wine and Tours

In an authentic mill close to the beautiful Montepulciano city, an original experience of shooting the bow dipped in a Tuscan forest, Vino Nobile tasting to follow.


Realized on the ruins of an old mill of the ancient Medici town of Montepulciano, the structure is already represented in the ancient cadastral maps. Today this former mill, after a skilful restoration work, reopens its doors as a luxury residence, where you can spend pleasant days immersed in the absolute quiet of the garden, surrounded by ancient oaks, olive trees, orchard and vineyard. Into the woods and along the stream "Salcheto", which runs along the entire estate, the owners have created a pleasant path where long walks, also equipped with two rest areas to sit and meditate in nature.

Here you can practice archery, ancient shooting discipline and hunting, both on traditional straw targets, places in the area before the entry of the path, which all along the route, where 12 3D animal silhouettes are located in the area.
Twelve of local wildlife shapes from Pheasant Boar engage the archers in a pleasant walk along the creek Salcheto. You can take advantage of the path is the right equipment to rent bow, arrows and everything you need.

Il Mulino is especially a beautiful farm that has planted 2.3 hectares of new vineyard in the last two years, 70% Sangiovese, 20% Merlot and the rest other local varieties. The 3.6 hectares of vineyard of produce Rosso di Montepulciano DOC and Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG, as well as a prestigious Grappa di Vino Nobile in selection, infused in wild grown on the farm fennel alcohol.


- Archery € 25,00 per person with the possibility to rent equipment on site and an accompanying
the time necessary to do a lap of the course with a group of 5/6 persons is about an hour and a half

- Archery and snack in the countryside € 40,00 per person
at the end of the tour it makes a snack with sausage and barbecued ribs or preceded by a panzanella or a cold pasta or ham and melon
every 4 persons includes a bottle of wine
time required about 3 hours

- Wine tasting and visits to vineyards € 25,00 per person for the tasting of 4 wines (Rosso di Montepulciano, Tuscany I.G.T., Nobile di Montepulciano Riserva) accompanied by small portions of the house


Only for the period October / April on request we can arrange a tasting with dinner at € 60,00 per person with tasting of 3 wines and traditional meal with fresh seasonal products.


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 Enocuriosi by Wine and Tours

 Enocuriosi by Wine and Tours