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Anteprima Amarone 2011

Anteprima Amarone 2011 - Wine and Tours by Enocuriosi

The prestigious vintage 2011 will be the central element of this year’s edition of the Anteprima Amarone, that will be held on 31st January and 1st February at the Palazzo della Gran Guardia in the heart of Verona.


The annual appointment to showcase one of Italy’s most iconic red wines, the Consortium for the safeguard of Valpolicella Wine’s main event, has strong ties to the local area in which this wine was born and thus allows the Anteprima Amarone event to be inserted in the “From the Expo to the Regions” project lead by the Veneto Region administration and promoted by the Ministry for Regional Cohesion. The project aims to underline a truly Italian trait that marries culture in the scenic and artistic sense of the word, with the gastronomic and oenological heritage that is expressed in an authentic and pure way by the various areas.

The pivotal role of the territory, the relationship with culture and the quality of the vines that combine harmoniously in Amarone and that are an exemplary expression of the land in which they originate, may be discovered through various routes, both geographic and sensorial, in tandem with local Veronese cuisine. These subjects will be the centre of the opening presentations that will be moderated by journalist and writer Camilla Baresani. The convention will also include presentations by the President of the Consortium, Christian Marchesini, and will give ample space to the presentation on the International Dynamics of the Value of Amarone della Valpolicella by Bettina Campedelli from the Department of Microeconomics of the University of Verona.

Diego Tommasi of CRA of Conigliano will give the presentation on the surprising 2011 vintage. Journalists will then have the chance to discover how and to what extent terroir influences the personality of Amarone in this vintage through tastings reserved for press as well as at the desks of the participating wineries. Tasting prestigious vintages from 64 wineries will give visitors the chance to discover the evolution between trend and tradition and the various styles of wine-making that with passion and skill have determined the success of Amarone and its popularity across the globe whilst maintaining exceptional standards of quality.

Thanks to the synergy with Confcommercio Verona, shops and restaurants in the city centre will be involved in the event with displays of bottles from the participating wineries along with a panel showing the official image of the Anteprima Amarone.
Restaurants are encouraged to organise themed dinners with Anteprima branded special menus to pair dishes with Amarone DOCG provided by the wineries.
Anteprima Amarone will be open to the public from 31st January from 4pm to 7pm and 1st February 10am to 6pm: tickets are available for 30 euros, under invitation to be required to


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